What is computer vision?

At Microwork we're helping to train computers to see like humans do. By labelling and annotating images and putting them into datasets, we make them usable for training Artificial Intelligence. How do we go from image to AI?

Take photos

All image annotation starts with the image itself.

We're sent images from our data customers and

we also source our own images using the Microwork Mobile App.


Annotate images

For computers, a picture doesn't speak a thousand words.

At least not yet! By labelling objects in images it trains AI to

understand what each image contains.

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Create datasets


Variety is key. One image gives only a small

lesson. But when you bring thousands of high-quality, annotated images together it's like putting your AI through grad-school.

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Train AI


Datasets are used to help Artificial Intelligence to understand things for itself. For example, datasets tell AI what shoes look like, and very soon it starts recognizing shoes by itself.

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Use AI

This is the exciting bit where the use-cases are

endless. For example, imagine if you could snap a picture of your favourite shoes to discover the

best place to buy them online. Well, with AI it's


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